The decision to choose Barbara's help in organizing and executing our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made, as we couldn't imagine doing it without her assistance. She thought of every little detail, was very precise, organized and prompt. She assisted in finding and coordinating other suppliers and guided us through the entire process. We trusted her completely, so we were relaxed both before the wedding day. On the wedding day everything was exactly as we wanted and planned. Barbara, thank you for connecting the whole story and making our wedding weekend truly wonderful and perfect.



Thank you to the entire team at 2b for you weddings for creating a truly magical day for us! Working with you was a delightful experience. From beginning of planning, through the conceptualization to the execution. We could not have been more satisfied with your service. Throughout the entire process, you took our wishes into consideration and ensured that everything was realistically executed. On the wedding day you professionally ensured that everything ran smoothly, always with a smile on your faces and available for anything we needed. All our guests praised the organization and the look of the ceremony and how everything was wonderfully executed! Thanks to all of you for an unforgettable experience! We highly recommend your services to anyone looking for professional wedding planning.

We absolutely recommend 2b for you weddings to every couple (demanding or not) who decides to get married. Their organization and assistance to the couple, from the beginning of the wedding preparations to the end of the wedding day deserves all the praise. They are incredibly kind, trustworthy, professional, reliable, hardworking, and a great help to the couple. With their help, we saved a lot of time that we would have otherwise spent on wedding planning – sincerely, they did everything for us (and in the most beautiful and best execution of the wedding day) and saved us nerves. Without their organization, our wedding day wouldn't have been so magical and wonderful.



I can definitely confirm that wedding organization under the guidance of 2B for you weddings is everything you wish for and more. Choosing Barbara and Barbara was the right decision, and you just know it when wedding planning becomes carefree - where every meeting turns into a pleasant coffee chat. Our Barbara greeted us with a smile on her face every time and always added her touch of perfection to our wishes. Many people can listen to you, but our Barbara truly heard and understood us. She advised us on everything from the location, photo-video production, dresses, food, decorations, flowers, weding cake, to the smallest detail we didn't even think about. It's evident that they invest a lot of effort, expertise and even more love into the organization. But above all, the priority at every step of the organization is the satisfaction of the groom and bride. With all their experience, Barbara elevates the wedding to a professional level while making it dreamy! 2B for you weddings is much more than just an organization - it's a support you know will always stand by your side. Once again, thank you for everything.

Barbara and Barbara absolutely deserve all the praise for making our day dreamy, in one word PERFECT! They turned our wedding day into a fairy tale and we wouldn't change nothing. From the first meeting we established a great relationship. They impressed us and our guests with their exceptional sense of organization. Entrusting the organization of our day to them was undoubtedly the best decision. The whole day was carefully planned and they took care of everything, allowing us to enjoy it without worries. Thank you both!



I would like to thank the entire team for such a beautifully executed fairy tale day. From the concept to the wedding day, it was even more beautiful than we expected. If you want to spend your day without worries, 2b for you weddings is the right choice. Thank you from the heart!

B & B make sure your day is like a fairytale. These two golden girls are born to do this work and they organised for us wonderful, dreamy and relaxed wedding day. They execute this special day like no one else can. Once you get to know them, you see that nothing is more important to them than the satisfaction of the bride and groom. With all their ideas, organization, preparations, collaborations with providers they come to your aid and execute everything perfectly.

My dear Barbaras, we would choose you again and again and you have no idea how grateful we are to you.



Dear Barbaras! We want to thank you for the most beautiful day in our lives. You organized our wedding during a difficult covid period and without you we wouldn't have managed it. You were with us all the time. You remained positive until the last day and that's what we needed the most - you. You are not just organizers of a fairytale day you are two persons who stand by our side. You understand our ideas, enhance them and make everything more beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to be relaxed and carefree on our perfect wedding day.

You have been like two little suns to brightening our wedding day even more! Sincere thanks for everything!

2B really made an effort to make our wedding happen in the best possible way. Barbara was always reachable and ready to answer any questions we had. The entire organization went smoothly so we didn't have any complications or worries. The demanding part was taken care of boath Barbaras and they did an excellent job. Barbara was very caring. The wedding was perfectly executed. Decorations, flowers, timing, everything was perfect and exactly as we wanted. Without going into too much detail from our side, Barbara understood exactly what we wanted and made it happen. The wedding was like from our dreams. We wouldn't change anything. Sincere thanks, Barbaras!



We are sincerely grateful for all the support in the planning and organization of our wedding day. We immediately connected with Barbara P. at our first meeting, where she gave us a lot of advices when ourselves we didn't even know what we truly wanted. She didn't mind responding to 100 and one email, presenting options, locations, advising and supporting us for months until the wedding day. Her help was truly invaluable and we believe that it was because of her and her colleague Barbara that our day was truly perfect. From the decorations, the flow of the day, the location, the atmosphere, everything exceeded our expectations. If anyone initially thinks they might not need wedding planners, believe us, it's the best decision you can take. On your wedding day you don't have to worry about all the logistical matters but simply enjoy the day. Thank you from the heart.